Fairy Tail 2.

In the arena Flau lasted more than 971 years old Magical Games, aimed to determine the strongest guild Fiore.

But fierce battles, attracting thousands of spectators - a cover of eternal and invisible struggle between Light and Darkness, which goes back to the beginning of time. Yes, we are again in a magical world where trust is possible only to those with whom stood together shoulder to shoulder, who became your new family. Outside this range, any deceptive appearance and word - a righteous man may be a demon, but an inveterate scoundrel - dream of redemption http://hentaibase.ru/. If we consider that the strongest magicians are able to win the time to wander through the worlds and put on any mask, to live in the world of Fairy Tail is not easy, but fun!

In the meantime, instead of a full team Natsu spree on the occasion of the victory in the semifinals sent to the dungeons of the arena. What for? Well, first of all, find out what there Gedzill unearthed during the last fight, and secondly, of course, to get stuck in the next trouble. Trouble with our old friends will be many more - will have to fend off dragons, friends from behind bars to pull out, a solar village to save and organize Emo villain Zerefu shock therapy (said to help). And in general, it is believed that a restless guild was actually created to let the noise and dust, but to maintain balance in the world. Farther? Then just watch the show, and the grandfather Makarov will swear!
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