Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

There is a world in which the human soul can turn into a magic weapon. But not all so-called sorcerers, knights are able to crank out a kind of trick.

And students Ikki Kurogane, trained knights magic skill. But unfortunately Ikki's largest "no luck" in their studies. Because he was given the nickname "The Knight of the loser." To all this, the boy was forced to stay for a second year. At this time there is a new head of the institution, which introduces an unusual rule http://opolah.ru/. It states that the Knights, whose abilities are on the same level, must live together!
So a new roommate Ikki gets Stella Vermillion. It is a foreign princess, beauty and genius of magic that appears if you believe the rumors, once a decade. Their first meeting was quite spicy, so it is not surprising that over misunderstanding and ... duel. Duel, after which the loser is obliged to fall into submission to the winner.
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